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You’ll Never Walk Alone!

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TREKACT (You’ll Never Walk Alone! Ensuring The Social Inclusion of Refugee and Immigrant Families Through Trekking and Outdoor Sports) was a 18 month Erasmus+ project. The project was intricately interwoven with outdoor sports and dedicated to fostering the social inclusion of immigrant and refugee families.

At its core, the project was driven by an overarching goal: to secure the social integration of refugee and immigrant families through the dynamic mediums of trekking and outdoor sports. Simultaneously, it strove to orchestrate awareness-raising endeavors that underscored the profound value of sports and physical activities in shaping personal, social and professional development. As it is universally recognized, sports serves as a potent conduit to address multifaceted social issues encompassing integration challenges, physical and psychological well-being and language adaptation.


The project drew strength from the synergies of a transnational partnership involving four NGOs from three countries: Poland, France and Belgium. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation and refinement of a digital guide and a mobile app version. Designed to cater to the unique needs of refugee and host families, local NGOs and sport organisations, these digital tools were poised to democratise the benefits of outdoor sports and pave the way for enhanced community engagement.

As an outcome, the completion of the digital guide and mobile app was commemorated through a series of trekking events orchestrated by each partner. These events harmonised the journeys of local residents and refugees, as they embarked on shared treks, utilising the created digital tools. The events not only facilitated hands-on exploration but also acted as catalysts for invaluable social interactions, fostering unity amidst diversity.


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