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Strengthening the Capacities of VET People of the Psychology Sector

Through Digital Platforms

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Heal Up (Strengthening the Capacities of VET People of the Psychology Sector Through Digital Platforms) was an Erasmus+ project designed to enrich the knowledge, skills, and professional competencies of experts operating within the realm of psychology. The project's focus was squarely centered on equipping these experts with the tools to provide essential psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers, thus responding to a pressing need in today's global landscape.

Among the objectives of the project was the identification of both the needs and digital transition characteristics inherent to the psychological counseling industry. This encompassed a comprehensive exploration of best practices that served as guiding lights. The initiative further sought to foster a cohesive network, bridging experts and professionals working within the expansive sphere of psychology. This network was envisioned as a conduit for sharing insights, experiences, and innovative strategies. Lastly, the project aimed to produce invaluable tools capable of discerning the unique requirements of professionals in the psychology field.


To achieve these aims, an international network was meticulously forged, comprising professionals entrenched in various organizations across diverse countries. This network played a pivotal role in ensuring refugees' access to crucial mental health resources. At the heart of the initiative is an all-encompassing guide tailored for psychology industry professionals and aspiring candidates alike. This guide serves as a comprehensive compendium, spanning from the intricacies of conducting front-line interviews with refugees to adeptly managing pre-traumatic and post-traumatic challenges and symptoms. Through the proactive identification and exploration of novel and innovative solutions, the project addressed immediate needs with foresight. Additionally, a bespoke training and therapy platform, bolstered by an array of tools, was meticulously developed and integrated.


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