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About Us

Inclusive Europe is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to fostering integration and inclusion within European societies.


At Inclusive Europe, we believe that diversity is a strength that enriches our communities and societies. We acknowledge that the cultivation of social values like inclusion and diversity can truly flourish by advancing gender equality, confronting prevailing biases, championing quality education and advocating for equitable representation and narratives within the media landscape. It is our mission to contribute to the aforementioned improvements in our societies and create a more harmonious and united Europe where individuals from all walks of life can thrive, contribute and feel valued.


Our goals find expression through a diverse range of initiatives rooted in EU-funded social projects. We've actively engaged in the implementation of projects under the Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens and Horizon programs. Alongside these endeavours, we spearhead research endeavours, organise conferences and workshops, host webinars and orchestrate social media campaigns. These collective efforts span a wide spectrum of topics, from countering radicalisation to the integration of refugees and migrants.

Our Objectives

Advocating Inclusiveness

We advocate for policies and practices that ensure equal rights, access to resources and opportunities for all individuals. Our mission is to  work towards eliminating discrimination and fostering environments where everyone can fully participate and thrive.

Cultural Exchange and Education

Through cultural events, workshops and educational initiatives, we aim to increase awareness and appreciation of the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions across Europe. By celebrating our differences, we can build a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Promoting Social Cohesion

We work towards building bridges between different communities, fostering dialogue and promoting understanding. By organising events, workshops and community projects, we encourage interaction and collaboration among diverse groups, leading to stronger social bonds.

Research and Collaboration

We conduct research to better understand the challenges faced by marginalised communities and to identify effective strategies for social integration. We collaborate with local and international partners, governmental agencies and other NGOs to drive positive change.

Empowerment and Capacity Building

Inclusive Europe empowers individuals by providing training, skills development and platforms for expressing their ideas and aspirations. By nurturing talents and leadership, we contribute to the growth and self-sufficiency of communities.

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