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RADEX (Mobilising Against Extremism through Countering and Diverting Radicalisation of Young People) is an Erasmus+ project that successfully concluded in 2022.



I-Play (Bridging Digital Divides for Inclusive Participation, Learning, and Youth Empowerment) was a transformative 24-month Europe for Citizens initiative brought to life through the collaborative efforts of 9 partner organizations spanning 7 EU countries (Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Romania, Lithuania, and Greece) and one neighboring country (Albania).

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TREKACT (You’ll Never Walk Alone! Ensuring The Social Inclusion of Refugee and Immigrant Families Through Trekking and Outdoor Sports) was a 18 month Erasmus+ project. The project was intricately interwoven with outdoor sports and dedicated to fostering the social inclusion of immigrant and refugee families.

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Heal Up (Strengthening the Capacities of VET People of the Psychology Sector Through Digital Platforms) was an Erasmus+ project designed to enrich the knowledge, skills, and professional competencies of experts operating within the realm of psychology. The project's focus was squarely centered on equipping these experts with the tools to provide essential psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers, thus responding to a pressing need in today's global landscape.

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The SMIDGE (Social Media Narratives: Addressing Extremism in the Middle-Aged) Project is a Horizon project stretching from 2023 to 2026. This project is dedicated to crafting counter narratives tailored for the 45-65 age group. Through an intricate fusion of methodologies, it scrutinizes the diverse spectrum of extremist discourses and narratives prevalent across Europe.

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