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Bridging Digital Divides for Inclusive Participation, Learning, and Youth Empowerment

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I-Play (Bridging Digital Divides for Inclusive Participation, Learning, and Youth Empowerment) was a transformative 24-month Europe for Citizens initiative brought to life through the collaborative efforts of 9 partner organizations spanning 7 EU countries (Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Romania, Lithuania, and Greece) and one neighboring country (Albania).


This endeavor, which culminated in 2023, had the vision of establishing a dynamic Network of Organizations and Communities. This network sought to amplify the voices of those residing in rural and peripheral territories, as well as digitally marginalised citizens such as migrants, refugees and persons with disabilities. At the heart of the initiative was the cultivation of dialogues focused on the imperative of universal internet access and its trajectory within the European Union.

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The emergence of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19 expedited the transformation of the way EU citizens engage with digital platforms, reshaping their work, education, communication and participation paradigms. However, a pertinent question emerged: How can society swiftly transition to a digital-centric landscape while championing civic engagement and democratic participation, without ensuring EQUAL ACCESS to the internet for all? What mechanisms and initiatives has the European Union put forth to bridge this divide, and how can each individual contribute to cultivating a digitally inclusive society?

Built upon a structured work plan encompassing 6 international events, 24 local debates, and 8 local dissemination meetings across 8 countries, the project's reach extended beyond the immediate numbers. It impacted over 500 direct participants and resonated with 62,000 individuals indirectly impacted.


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The participating project partners conducted comprehensive local research to uncover exemplary practices, which were subsequently compiled into the downloadable e-book "I-PLAY Inclusive Practices."


Furthermore, they adeptly assumed the roles of digital facilitators and amplifiers, spearheading discussions that revolved around the future of digital inclusion within the European Union. This endeavor bore fruit in the form of collected insights, recommendations and proposals spanning e-Citizenship, Digital Solidarity, Distance Learning, Remote Working and Digital Communication.


These insightful outputs coalesced into the downloadable document "I-PLAY for the Future of Europe: How to Foster Digital Inclusion."

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